About Us

Once upon a time, In July 2012, after always wanting to, and a day of adventures, Across the Catwalk was born.  Our collaborative blog which covers just about everything and anything.

Larissa and Ilona, two student bloggers and want to share our advice, adventures and accomplishments. Best friends living across the Atlantic Ocean form one another. Ilona in Toronto, Canada studying Fashion Communications at Ryerson University. Larissa in East Sussex, England studying Global Development Studies at Queens University.

Incase you haven’t realized, we are two girls , 18 and 17 who have a passion for fashion, a desire to wanderlust, thrive for new adventures, love Diy’s, who always have time for food and a good laugh. One is 5’4 and the other 5’11.97.  We can be awkward at times but love to meet new people!

So let us meet you!  We hope this blog inspires you in some way or another.