31 August 2012

Final get togethers

Hey everyone!

So a week or two ago all of the girlies had met up for a last get together.  We went for bubble tea as usual! Aha, our summer hangout spot! 
Group shot! We wanted to take as many pictures of our selves to capture the last moment together!
 Brittany, Courtney and Ilona.
 I love this chick Serena!

Alex and I have known each other since grade 4! I'm going to definitely miss my best friend!

A candid shot of Courtney and Ilona!
4 days till I leave!

Until later!
Larissa Xx

30 August 2012


Hey everyone!
I went to the mall and had gotten a present from my aunt!
I now have a Michael Kors watch!
It's called the Michael Kors Mini-Size Blair Multi-Function Glitz Watch, Espresso.

I am in love with it!
I wore a polka dot bouse and turquoise shorts from H&M, along with brown flats from Steve Madden.
 The polka dots are very bold along with the shorts! I felt great in the outfit!
Talk to you all soon!
Larissa Xx

a fashionable helmet?

Its clear that people are putting a lot more thought into what they wear, and how they present themselves in public. So much so that these swedish designers created the unthinkable "the invisible bike helmet"! How cool is that?

The company is Hovding, and they have created this collar that inflates in the case of an accident like an airbag. They are retailing for about $600 a collar! Will these helmets make their way onto canadian streets? 

What do I think? 
With so many people using bikes as their main method of transportation, I think it's a great idea. Adults are often either ashamed of wearing a helmet as they can be bulky and an outfit killer, or they don't want to ruin their hair. Which to be honest safety first is important. If this is going to encourage more people to wear a helmet while biking on the streets, its a great innovation! 

photos from hovding

You can read the complete article here in the toronto star or look at the unique styles here

ilona xxx


Today I don't have a lot going on, I have to meet my dad and get some stuff for uni and then I might head to queen st. do some shopping or get my tragus pierced!!!

Heres my look for the day...

pants: American Eagle Jeans // top: Zara (on sale) // shoes: dolce vita oxfords

Apparently tonight we have a formal dinner which will be cute I get to dress up a bit! I think I might wear my cobalt blue cutout dress...


28 August 2012

Dorm Room

This is my new home!

I have taken a couple pictures of room, I have a single room with a queen bed and couch and a private bathroom, which is very nice and there is lots of room!

This is the view as you walk in the door...

Heres the bed and the couch....

Half the closet, and my stock of food!
 The desk, I just got my pink chair from home today as my dad drove down to drop it off, we got given an old chair from like a dining room table! aha I just realized my foots in the photo... sorry...

The window, and a couple of my photos I put up to make my room feel more homie

A couple more photos!

And then the bathroom, nothing fancy!

So Im going to be honest, this whole experience was one of the weirdest things I have done. Its a completely new experience moving somewhere new, and not knowing anyone at all. I think what helped me, was knowing that my family wasn't far away, and its less than an hour journey to come see me or vice versa. 

Heres a good tip! Don't think you overpacked!
When I was packing I literally packed half my room, it makes the space feel more you, and comfortable as it is filled with stuff you like. Obviously don't pack a bunch of random stuff thats going to make the small space feel cluttered but to make it organized and not bare.

I realized theres a lot of pink in my room... aha I guess it makes it easier to know its a girls room!!

As for meeting new people and stuff, you just have to put yourself out there. Im a really shy person when it comes to meeting new people, but everyone here is on the same boat as you and they all want to meet new people and make friends. 

well I will keep you updated!
ilona xxx

Last Night at Home

HEYY everyone!!
sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but I have a good excuse! I have been busy packing, and saying bye to everyone as I have finally moved out and into Uni.

On my last night, which was saturday night, my family and I went to Terroni's, I thought I'd take them there as the food is delicious. If your in Toronto you should go, Larissa found it and they have the best pizzas ever.

What I wore: A navy maxi dress that I borrowed from my sister as all my clothes were packed, it had a racerback style back, and a low v-cut in the front with rope straps.

Here are some pictures from the other night...

 my tasty pizza, it had mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula on top.

For dessert we all had a bomba! which is like a donut with custard in the middle, and then you dip it in either Nutella (which I chose) or in jam. 

Heres a picture of me and my sister, I think we look pretty similar here, what do you think?

These are the guys! My uncle, dad, brother and little cousin.

And the children! look how cute mickey (my dog) looks here... 

Well that was my last night, filled with lots of laughs and photos! I promise I will post up pictures of my room soon to show you all what it looks like
ilona xxx

26 August 2012


Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting on the blog that much this week! I've been really busy with work and we've been spending was much time as possible with all of our friends as they left for university already! We took tons of pictures, so they will be up soon! I just got this new backpack! I'll use this when Courtney and I trek across Europe! Aha! 9 days until I leave!
Bon Voyage for now!
Larissa Xx

23 August 2012

final goodbye

Last Night I had the girls over for a final farewell... we had a bbq and just hung out like old times :P
It's weird to think this time in a week, we will all be in completely different places of the world! and doing our own thing. But thank goodness for skype and facetime, which im sure we will be making the most of to keep in touch with each other.

OOTD: Here a picture of what I wore, just a pair of yellow shorts from Forever 21, my sisters black silk shirt from mendocino, and then layered some bracelets and my watch for accessories.

 We had a little cake for ourselves, our "goodbye cake", and then the group shot with it. We played some disney scene it, man the classic disney movies never get old!

 And then we ended our night with the hot tub!

It was too soon to say goodbye to serena, who leaves tomorrow :( so were going out again tonight!
Gonna miss these girlies... its scary to think I leave in 2 days...
ilona xxx

22 August 2012


Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to Canada's Wonderland with my family! I haven't been there in two years or so, so it should be fun!

I'm pretty excited to go!!
Larissa Xx
I'm wearing a plain black tank top from Aritzia and some high waisted shorts from H&M. For shoes, I'm going to wear 
either my Birkenstocks or Sperry's!

21 August 2012

a trip to the science centre!

Today at work (I work at a summer camp for kids with autism) we went on a trip to the science centre. I took some pictures of the mini rainforest they have, a cool frog! the colours on it were so vivid and bright and then a snake having lunch! We watched the snake eat a rat whole... have to say it was interesting.

Today I've had lots of fun with my car... we got stuck at the gas station for what felt like ages as it refused to start and now its stuck at the bank cause it wont start :( all me and my sister wanted to do was go to the gym!!

Lets see how much worse this day can get besides the cold I can feel coming up, perfect just intime for school...
bye for now!
ilona xxx

20 August 2012

Which Bag?

Hey everyone! 

I really want to invest in a larges bag as most of my purses are shoulder/cross body bags. I like the purses from Zara because they have a large selection.

This is my number one choice! I absolutely love this bag! It is called the Plaited Shopper. It is 16x20 inches. I think the colour would be great to match many outfits.
This bag is called the Quilted Leather Shopper. It is 14x17 inches. I really like the detailing throughout the bag, and the inside is bright red. This looks more like a tote rather than a purse.
This purse resembles the first purse. It is called Shopper Basket and is 15x20 inches. It is in a camel tone and is very neutral for everyday outfits.
This purse is the same as the other purse, but it is in a different colour. It is also called the Shopper Basket. I like these colours a lot. They aren't the typical colours that one would see in a purse.

I'm still not sure which one I want to get or if I'll get one at another store! Which one do you like?

Larissa Xx

19 August 2012

drive-in 2

Last night me and larissa went to the drive-in with the besties Alex, Serena and Courtney and her boyfriend Scott! We ended up seeing The Expendables2 and then stayed to see The Watch after. If you havent been to the drive-ins its so much fun! You can camp out in your car with piles of blankets and stuff, making it way better then the normal cinema!

Heres Alex and Courtney after stealing the camera! The view from our little camp out in the car! And me and serena waiting for the other car load to arrive, we had the job of saving spots

Yeppp arn't we jut a good looking bunch :| we started getting bored of the movie, and theres nothing better to do then cam whore.

Today im going to be running some errands and start packing for university, leave a week today!!!
ilona xxx

18 August 2012

Drive-In Ootd

Hey everyone!
Tonight I'm going to watch a movie at a drive in with all of my friends! This is going to be one of the last gatherings of everyone before we all leave for university! It's really bittersweet!
 I'm wearing a light blue/grey knit from H&M, and and hot pink tights from H&M. My necklace i from Forever 21. 
 I love this outfit! It's pretty bold!
I'll make sure to take some picture tonight! We're going to watch either The Expendables 2 or The Bourne Legacy! 
Larissa Xx

Let's go to the EX!

Hey Everyone!
Today Ilona, Courtney, Serena and I went to the EX. The Ex is a carnival/festival that is held downtown by the Harbourfront in Toronto each year for a few weeks!
 I wore my american apparel dress as a top. It is in a plum colour and has a very low back. I also wore my high waisted jean shorts.
This is a picture of us with a part of the carnival behind us!
 Courtney had a Double Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwhich! It smelled and tasted delicious! It was from the Mac&Cheesery.
1There were tons of food booths with loads of desserts and fired food! Ahah! 
 Ilona and Serena had deep fried Mars Bars, and I had a deep fried Snickers! They tasted so good! Mhmmm
This is us on our way back home! It was quite chilly there because it was along Lake Ontario, so we had to put on some layers. I wore my Talula dress shirt from Aritzia. Ilona wore a cream knit form Aritzia and an American Apparel scarf. Courtney wore a stripped long sleeve from Aritzia and her J Brand Hampton jeans. Serena wore a warm Roxy sweater and had a beanie!

Overall, it was a really good night with the girls! I'm going to miss these adventure with our small gang! Haha!
Talk to you all soon!
Larissa Xx