19 August 2012

drive-in 2

Last night me and larissa went to the drive-in with the besties Alex, Serena and Courtney and her boyfriend Scott! We ended up seeing The Expendables2 and then stayed to see The Watch after. If you havent been to the drive-ins its so much fun! You can camp out in your car with piles of blankets and stuff, making it way better then the normal cinema!

Heres Alex and Courtney after stealing the camera! The view from our little camp out in the car! And me and serena waiting for the other car load to arrive, we had the job of saving spots

Yeppp arn't we jut a good looking bunch :| we started getting bored of the movie, and theres nothing better to do then cam whore.

Today im going to be running some errands and start packing for university, leave a week today!!!
ilona xxx


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