31 December 2012

New Year's Eve dresses

Happy new year everyone!

Here is a quick look at mine and Larissa's dresses for tonight. We will post the final looks as well!

We wish everyone a very happy new year and a great year ahead!

Larissa and Ilona xxx

29 December 2012

Road trip!

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven't been posting a lot lately we have been busy with family and the holidays.

Larissa and I, are on a roadtrip to Montreal with our friends Serena and Alex. We are here for New Years which will be fun!

Here are some pics from our train ride!

27 December 2012

Boxing Day Shopping!

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately! I've been really busy these past few weeks! I went Boxing Day shopping today with my sister, aunt and cousins and bought  a few things. We went to American Apparel and I bought 3 hair scrunchies for 10 dollars! What a steal! 
I had also purchased 3 pairs of fake eyelashes. They are quite crazy, but I really like them!
I plan on wearing a pair on New Years Eve!

I had some family over today as well and we had celebrated Christmas. It was good to see everyone again !

Larissa Xx

23 December 2012


image source
a list of things bringing joy this time of year...

1. Having everyone home for together and spending time with family and friends
2. Eating all the yummy home cooked food and baked goods
3. Being able to curl up and read a good book
4. The feeling of giving gifts during this holiday season
5. Being able to do absolutely NOTHING!!!


21 December 2012


Well its safe to say we all survived the supposably end of the world!

Todays photo challenge is trees. With the first real snowfall of the season today, I just love the way the tree branches look with a layer of snow dusted on them.

hope you guys are all done your christmas shopping, it is starting to get really busy over here!

18 December 2012

makes you feel merry

Nothing feels better then being at home for the holidays and prepping for christmas!

our giant tree!
 Mickeys first christmas (hes all excited)
 and again...
my super cozy blanket my mama knitted for me :) so thick and warm


16 December 2012

some holidays diy's

Today is something you made, over the holiday I will be making some DIY's and will be making some posts with that. 

Heres some simple diy's that make perfect christmas gifts or additions to the any holiday look.

Have fun doing diy's!
ilona xxx

December 13!

Hey everyone!
Today is a picture of something green! I chose to take a picture of my Christmas tree!! I absolutely love it:) We have yet to put the star up but I love how personalized it is! Every year we get an ornament from my Grandy and put it on the tree! 

Feels so good to be home!
Larissa Xx

11 December 2012


Whoever said "life is uncertain, eat dessert first" sure had a sweet tooth!

Here are some recipes to try out that will bring some sweetness to your day, enjoy.


10 December 2012

Under $20

Todays photo challenge is under... a very specific word!
I decided to make the perfect gift guide for gifts under $20, for any girl this holiday. 

2. H&M Knit Beanie || 14.95

Happy christmas shopping for everyone on your list, hopefully this will help you find the perfect gifts!


8 December 2012

Someone you love!

Hey everyone!
Today is my little brother, Harry's Birthday!! He turns 10 today!! I'm really happy that Courtney and I came back in time to celebrate his birthday with him! Tonight we're going to Chako's for dinner! Yum!

Larissa Xx

7 December 2012


Only 18 more days until christmas! The stars in my room are on my little tree, my small decoration for my room too keep me in the holiday spirits until I get home!

Here you can see my tree, the star tinsel and my cinderella advent calendar.


6 December 2012

oh canada.


Sorry we didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday, Larissa was flying and I have been busy studying for exams.

Todays photo challenge is a picture of something from where you live! Although I do and will always consider England as part of my home as that is where I am from and spent my childhood, being a Canadian is always fun!

This is me in my Toronto Blue Jays cap, supporting my home team the jays!

Where are you guys from? Any interesting places?

4 December 2012

Black and White

Hey everyone!
I recently bought a dress from Asos that has gold sequins on it. It finally came in the mail today! It has a high neckline and closed back!

I come back home tomorrow! I cannot believe it! I can't wait to see everyone!
Larissa Xx

black and white

Black and white are the perfect colour for basics and staples in the closet as they never date and can be matched with endless outfit combinations 

Cupcakes and Cashmere shows off her whites in the latest winter whites trend. Playing with basics to create a simple look that can be taken from day to night. 

Check out LC blog for tips on how to wear the 'winter whites' for any occasion. 

These classic outfits are a fun way to mix up the black on black for winter. Keeping those layers for the cold months. 

Are you going to try the white this season?

3 December 2012

something you held...

Something I held today was my phone! I know nothing too interesting. Today was the last day of classes for me for 2012, it is crazy to think how fast the past 3 months has gone by. Larissa and I are both almost done our first semester of university, time sure flys by!
 A close up of my phone case.


1 December 2012

December 1!

Hey everyone!
Todays photo for december 1st is of something taking place at 8 o'clock!
At 8 o'clock I was editing some old pictures of mine on a website called picmonkey! They have great tools to edit your photos!

I cannot believe that Courtney and I are coming home so soon!I can't wait to see my family and friends!! I thought this photo was really silly of Ilona and I! Ahah

Larissa xx

its 8 O'clock in Toronto! 

And what am I up to? A desk covered in markers working on school assignments. There are 12 days left until I'm home for the holidays and in that time I have exams and christmas shopping to do!


December Photo a day Challenge!

Hey everyone! We are going to do another photo a day challenge for the month of December!
December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday
Larissa and Ilona xxx

29 November 2012


The holiday season is fast approaching, and what is better then "big" fashion trends for the upcoming dress up time!

Here are two current fashion trends that you can wear to the holiday party, family dinner or reunion with friends.

Peplum is a trend that we are still seeing in everything from tops, to skirts and outerwear. Pair it with a fitted jewelled corset top, or some cigarette pants in a monochromatic colour.

Velvet is something we will be seeing a lot of this holiday. A warm fabric thats a fun texture. You can pair a velvet dress with a tweed blazer, or play with fabrics even more and add some sequins to the outfit for a sparkly, holiday look. 


28 November 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary !! It's my parents anniversary today!!
Here are some pictures of Courtney and I with them!

Here are a few picture from when I went to Madrid last weekend! It was tons of fun! We went for tapas with our spanish teacher!

Larissa xx

November 28

Today is a photo of a vehicle! There aren't many vehicle on the school grounds so I am going to show a picture when I went to brighton. A big thing here in Europe are motorcycles, vespas or bikes! There seemed to be a motorcycle convention going on!


27 November 2012


Todays photo challenge is tree. Seing as its getting close to christmas it only makes sense to use the good old pine tree. 

This past weekend my family and I went to the Christmas tree farm, and chose the tallest tree out of the bunch a 14 foot tree, or as my brother said, double me in height!

 Before: the tree all bundled up

After: the tree unraveled and ready to decorate

The best part part about getting a real christmas tree is the smell it brings in the house, it makes everything smell like pine and christmas and really brings the spirit of christmas with it. 

Happy tree hugging day!

ilona xxx

23 November 2012


Coco Chanel once said I imposed black; it still going strong 

today, for black wipes out everything else around 

Its true black is a colour that will always be worn weather as 

an accessory or a statement piece.

My black school bag, with stitching detailing and my black ring, 2 black items that accompanied my outfit of the day.

ilona xxx

22 November 2012


I suppose this is linked to the fact that it is American Thanksgiving this weekend... 

What am I grateful for?

The opportunity to live in the city of Toronto

Toronto is such a diverse city, with so many opportunities. Being in fashion it has defiantly opened up doors for me and allowed to meet people I never would have had a chance to being at home. I also love how close everything is, as much as I say I miss being able to drive, being able to walk everywhere is so much easier and better for the environment! However being so closed to all the malls and shops is not helping me save up!

ilona xxx

I'm going to follow Ilona's idea! I feel so grateful to live in england! Even though I live in the country side, I can just catch a train to london or catch a flight to a Italy! I am learning about British customs and trying to pick up the accent as well! Living here is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful that Courtney and I can do it together!

Larissa Xx

21 November 2012

November 21

Todays photo is an outfit of the day!
Today was raining as usual, so I chose to wear my orange Hunter Rainboots, tights, Shorts from H&M, Knit sweater from Brandy Melville and a Jean vest from Topshop.