28 May 2013

Athletic Wear!

Hey everyone!
It's time to get in shape to show off your body for those summer days. Why not wear fun athletic wear when working out!
Sports bras are always fun to shop for! There are many options that will provide the proper support. Go for a fun pattern or bright colour!

Here are great options for athletic tops. They are great breathable lightweight materials. Many athletic tops have built-in bras, which are very handy.

Depending on the weather pants, crop pants or shorts are good options. The materials give the stretch that you will need when exercising. The importance is to be comfortable!

There are many things that you can do to exercise. Join an aerobics class if you like to work alongside others. They are great fun with encouraging instructors and great music! Go to drop in classes to see if you like them or not. You can also go to drop in sports. Go to the gym and lift weights or go on the treadmill if you have the time. If you don't have the time and don't like to exercise with others looking at you, then do some sit ups, planks, lunges and more at home. If you don't like exercising then try to go on walks in your neighbourhood! There are many ways of exercise, you have to find whats best for you!

Happy exercising!
Larissa xx

27 May 2013

Bag Boutique: Hoi Bo

Hey Lovlies!
As you know yesterday I went downtown and did a little bit of browsing. For my birthday present from my grandparents they offered to get me a bag for my camera. Now there are so many bags that offer the practicality of a case, but they just aren't visually appealing to me! So I thought why not get a cute bag, and then order the separators on a site like Etsy?! That is what I did.

the outside entrance to the shop.

inside the store.

I first visited the hoi bo  store in 2009 or 2010 when it was new to the Distillery and instantly fell in love with the bags, as they were simple yet unique in every possible way. 
This was the first bag I got, I fell in love with the rope strap that made it practical and unique. In a cream cotton with a slight shimmer to the fabric, and leather details this bag has been used on a daily basis by me and is beginning to unfortunately show its wear.

For my birthday camera bag I decided on this small cross body bag with a leather strap, perfectly fits everything I need to carry around and cannot wait to take it New York this summer! 
The black fabric bag, with the tan leather details makes it a classic colour and perfect to go with whatever I am wearing that day.

I find whenever I go theres another bag I want to get...

Check out their website and follow them on instagram @hoibo for to look at some of their other bags and purses they do. Each bag offered in a variety of colours and fabric combinations that can be customized to suit you. 


26 May 2013

A Day in the City

Nothing beats a spring day out in the sun with the family. Today started with us sitting in our front lawn enjoying some lunch soaking in the sunshine.

After we took a trip downtown to the Distillery District, an area just outside of Toronto full of boutiques, galleries and restaurants. 

I got to visit my favourite bag store Hoi Bo to get a new bag, which I will show tomorrow. I also visited a couple clothing boutiques and fell in love with some nice dresses!

 Once we had wandered around for a while, we enjoyed a nice meal and some drinks and at Mill Street Brewery, a pub and brewery in the area where they make local beers.
 Hope you all had a lovely Sunday!


24 May 2013

Graduation Dresses

Hey everyone!  
The school year may be ending soon for those in highschool or have already ended for those in University or College. Therefore its time for Graduation!
You've spent so much time studying for all of your exams, so now its time to find the perfect dress! Here are some of my favourite dresses! Each of these are great for Summer with the colours an length.

The dresses above are all under $200 dollars to keep it on a budget! All of the dresses have a great pattern, texture or colour. This will give you the attention that you need at your graduation!

It's time to celebrate what you have accomplished! There is a new journey ahead of you!

Congrats to the class of 2013!

Larissa xx

tips 101: money saving

As soon as payday comes we want to spend our money to "reward" ourselves for all the work we've done. However its also important to save some whether for a trip or for school. 

1. Have a Girls Night In
Getting together with the girls, doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. Stay in, grab some movies, eat some food and have fun at home.

2. Become a Bartender
Not literally, but learn to make your own summer cocktails and mixers so you don't have to spend a fortune going out. Invite everyone over and have a BYOB "Mixology Event" like DesignLoveFest.

3. Try Thrift Shopping
We all like to shop, and the thrill of getting something new to wear is only part of the fun! So instead of hitting the mall for brand new merchandise go to the local thrift stores and see what you can find for less then $10. Take these finds and DIY them to make them suit you.

4. Pack a Lunch
When leaving for work/ school take that 10 minutes extra to make a lunch. It is easy to be out and spend $5-$10/day on food that you could have brought from home. Plus you aren't forced to consume heavy calorie foods and can stick to a healthy diet!

5. Pay with Cash
Each week get out a small amount of cash to keep in your wallet, instead of paying by debit/ credit pay with cash. This helps you keep better track of your money and you can budget easier if you have limited funds.

6. Get Creative
Its amazing what you can find around the house. From your kitchen you can make some great facial/ hair masks and scrubs to avoid expensive trips on beauty products. Birthdays coming up? Save dollars on a card by making your own, old pictures, funny drawings.

7. Use a Piggy Bank
Have a jar in sight (an old mason jar works or this cute ones from urban outfitters) to put loose change in from the end of each day. A penny here and there will add up in the end giving you some extra cash.

8. Buy Last Minute
Concerts and vacations can all be fun, but they are expensive too. Check out local sites for last minute deals so save. Stubhub is great for cheap concerts and sports events, while Hotwire make trips affordable.

9. Skip the Busy Gym
Having a gym membership is great, but they don't come cheap. If your self motivated or have friends around to workout with start jogging outside, set up cross training at the park, or check out youtube Blogilates for some great videos. 

10. Student Discounts
Many places have student discount cards or deals that can save you between 10-20% on purchases. Also shop online and look for promo codes, take advantage of these to get the best deals while stocking up your closet. 

What are you saving up for? School in September? Traveling? A new bag?


22 May 2013

Insta post


Rockin' my new freshly white converses, excited to add them to some outfit posts

Late night bubble tea with the girls. Nothing like a mango milk tea

Morning selfies before work!

S'mores around the campfire on Victoria Day

My little pup asleep on my bed

More pre work selfies

DIY supplies

Birthday celebrations




21 May 2013

The Midi Skirt

This spring and summer try the midi skirt. Perfect for those warm summer days, its an alternative to the classic maxi skirt from previous years. For the taller girls find a skirt that hits mid shin, and for the shorter girls find a skirt that hits just below the knee; these are the most flattering lengths to wear the midi skirt at. 
1. Oui Pleated Midi Skirt 
2. New Look Lace Crop Top
3. Gap Multi Strap Sandal
4. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody bag

Don't be afraid to try colour and layer them to create a playful summer look. This rich orange hue is perfect for a warm summer night, paired with a crossbody bag in a complementary hue.

Trying a monochromatic look, this look is workplace appropriate while still being suitable for a night out. This fitted mini is a twist from the a line style, however still great for the upcoming summer. Paired with a chambray shirt it keeps it from being too professional of a look, and the white heeled sandal keeps the eyes on the printed skirt. 

If you are going white, don't be afraid to add the colour to this classic colour. The tshirt blouse can be substituted for a graphic tee to create an even more casual look perfect for those busy days of errands! This printed blouse, paired with the pink shoe brings colour to life with the simple white midi. With the long chain necklace adding an extra femminine touch.


Splurge or Save: Asymmetrical Necklace

With Summer fast approaching its time to bring some colour and interest to the "statement necklace". This asymmetrical style makes it unique and eye catching, while the colourful jewels bring colour and vibrance to any outfit.


17 May 2013

My Daily Makeup Routine

Over the years I have tried to wear less makeup to help my skin and prevent breakouts. I am no makeup expert, but I have found a routine that works for me and my day time look.

My current daily makeup routine consists of a few basic products…

SPF lotion – being fair skinned, its always important for me to protect my skin as best I can.

Maybelline Fit Me foundation #120 – after trying out different foundations and creams, this one has been my favourite. With its light coverage it allows me to layer from minimal to full coverage depending on if im wearing it during the day or going out.

Quo Minerals Matter Double Concealer in #1, this dual stick concerler goes on smoothly and blends onto my skin. I use this to brighten under my eyes, and cover any problem areas.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder to keep everything in place I use a light dusting of this pressed powder on my face.

Sephora Microsmooth Bronzer Duo in Honey Heat I use this to add some colour to my face, just brush on to spots where the sun would naturally hit; the forehead, nose and tops of my cheeks.

Benefit Sugarbomb Blush as my old blush is coming to an end (sadly it was one of those discontinued colours from mac) I am back to using my sugarbomb blush. I use a small amount and put on the apples of my cheeks.


For years of reading about the difference an eyelash curler makes, I finally gave in and got one, and lets say if you don’t have one… you should defiantly go and buy one. It takes your eyes from looking half asleep to wide awake with long lashes!

Maybelline Falsies Mascara -I’m that person that for some reason layers mascaras. I first do a coat of the falsies to add volume in a black to my top lashes.

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara (waterproof) – then I go over it in a coat of waterproof mascara. I find it helps it stay on all day and helps shape my lashes.


Accent Eyebrow Pencil in Blondie, matching the pencil to my brows I lightly fill in the natural gaps in my brows to create a more defined look. I keep the shape of my brow natural and light.

And this is my daily makeup routine. Occasianly I will add a lip stain or add some eye shadow in neutral tones, but for the most part this is my daily routine. 


15 May 2013

DIY Studded Shorts

Hey Everyone! 
Here's a DIY that many people have done, so I decided to try it! What you need are a pair of shorts, chalk, a ruler and studs. 
First  you decide where you want to put the studs. You can lay the studs on top of the shorts without piercing them into the fabric. Try putting them in different spots and see which you like best!
Next I used the ruler and chalk to create a straight line for the studs. 
Now you begin putting the studs into the shorts. There are spikes at the bottom of the studs that you put into the shorts. They will poke through to the other side of the shorts and you push down the spikes so they lay flat on the material.  Continue with one stud at a time until the desired pattern. 
After completing your pattern the shorts will be done!
Happy Studding!

Larissa xx

13 May 2013

Summer Essentials

With Summer just around the corner the perfect piece to add to the closet is a wrap skirt. Ideal for both day and night this versatile dress looks just as cute with flat sandals as it does heels. You can find them in mixed prints, colours and fabrics allowing you to find the perfect skirt. 


10 May 2013

DIY: Canvas Art

In need of some new art for your bedroom to bring some colour? This DIY: Canvas Art piece is easy to make and can be customized to suit you! The combination of paint and gold leaf add a twist to this piece. 

Pick your favourite paint colours (guache or acrylic|| Choose any size canvas you like (mine was 8"x10")

1. Start by mixing your colours, you dont want the paint to be too watery or too thick.
2. Paint on to the canvas, up to where you want your gold leaf to go.
3. Place a clean paintbrush into the mod podge (or glue) and paint a light coat onto the canvas where the gold leaf is to be placed.
4. Start by gently placing the gold leaf down with a clean finger (remember it is delicate). Lightly press into place covering large spaces.
5. Now take a clean paintbrush with mod podge on, and gently press on top of the laid gold leaf. Do not move back and fourth as this will move the gold leaf, instead gently press up and down to press the gold leaf into place and seal.
6. Make sure to cover all spaces necessary, completing the strip of gold leaf.
7. Ta Da there you have it! Your new art piece ready to be hung. Allow a couple hours for drying and to allow the gold leaf to set.

 So give it a go and tweet a pic of your masterpiece!