28 September 2012

Insta post

1. my dog mickey, I just couldn't resist taking a photo when I went back home last weekend. 2. Where I spend many hours, the sewing lab! 3. my wall of inspiration! 4. an old pic of when me and my sister went to see jason mraz on his tour. 


27 September 2012


Hey everyone!

Today, Courtney and I had gotten a package from our family!! It was an edible arrangement!! It felt so good to eat fruits. We took them for granted when we were back home, but now really appreciate them now! 

Today I wore a knit top from Aritzia and liquid leggings from Forever21. I wear my flatform shoes as much as I can!  My necklace is from primark.

Courtney, myself and other students from the castle are going away for the weekend to Cornwall!! I cannot contain my excitement! I plan on taking as many pictures as I can!
Talk to you soon!
Larissa Xx

24 September 2012


Hey everyone!!

Today was the second day that it's rained here at the Castle! I wore my Orange hunter boot this morning to class, but changed into my new Lace up flatform shoes as the rain had stopped! I also wore my lululemon jumpsuit and an oversized cardigan from Aritzia.
They are actually very comfortable! I purchased them at Urban Outfitters on sale for $18 pounds! They make me look taller which helps as well!Talk to you soon!!Larissa

Emmy's 2012

Today was the 2012 Emmy award show, and I have pulled some of my favourite looks from the red carpet..
 Julianne Hough, is wearing a stunning Raf Simmons mermaid style gown. In a teal blue with detail on the bottom and bustier style top. 
 Lara Spencer wears a Badgley Mischka dress in a deep purple with gorgeous detail on the shoulder. This look can be transfered into the day by looking for a simple tee with embellished  shoulders.
 Jeannie Mai in a white dress with black lace appliqué around the neck. For a contrasting look she matched a red belt around the waist. 

Sarah Hyland wears a silver Marchesa gown with a crossed bodice and jeweled at the top. A very clean and fresh look. 

Zooey Deschanel wears a periwinkle colour gown by Reem Acra with a sweetheart bodice, and layered skirt for that added fullness. A very fun and flirty look for sure. 

ilona xxx

19 September 2012


Hey Everyone!!Today I just went to my classes and wore a statement necklace that my sister had bought me for 2 pounds at Primark! I love it!  It was really nice weather today so I decided to wear a dress and a over sized cardigan!I had gotten my cardigan for Aritzia. This cardigan is so versatile. you can wear it with shorts, legging, jeans, dresses or anything else! It keeps you warm on chilly days as well! 

Tomorrow I don't have classes til 5 pm! I want to go to town and do a little shopping or some exercise! Maybe a run in the fields!

I threw my hair up in a high pony tail to keep it out of my way when listening in class!

As for jewellery, I have my Michael Kors watch on with a Links of London knock- off bracelet. Courtney and I have matching ones! I am wearing my toe ring from hawaii above my knuckle as usual!
The bracelet is really cute because it has a double decker bus and a british flag on it! I wear it everyday side I got it!

Talk to you all soon!
Larissa Xx

18 September 2012


So school has officially started, I always say it hasn't actually started until you have to start handing in assignments! And let me tell you thats all I have done this past week. 

Heres some pictures of my most recent additions to the closet...
 Steve Madden Boots, the perfect boot for fall! A low cut means I can pair it with jeans and leggings as well as skirts and dresses (but means I have to get some of those!!) you can find them here

I was in need of a new blazer, and I saw this fun printed one in urban outfitters. Its perfect paired with jeans and a tee or even something a bit dressier.

 So you can never have too many little black dresses right? I saw this and thought it was the perfect purchase for day to night and to transition into the fall/winter months with some tights and boots.
I thought I'd purchase a collar, so I opted for this ombre beaded with a tie front. However I have yet to wear it! 

And thats what I've bought recently! Beside the odd snack from the store I'm trying to save money... although I do need a good fall coat, anyone have ideas?


17 September 2012

London Town

Hey everyone!
So we had a great time in London this weekend. I was able to see many attractions in London, such as Big Ben, The Buckingham Palace, Trafalger Square and many more!  There was so much to see and do! 

Just casually trekking towards The Buckingham Palace!At night we decided to go for dinner at steakhouse, and the food was amazing! We later went to haagen dazs to hang out with some friends and eat dessert! The next day I went to the British Museum with my Art History course. There are amazing statues and artifacts in that museum my favourite pieces were the statues from the pediment of the parthenon!
We went back to the castle the next day and I relaxed the whole day. I needed to catch up on some sleep and did some readings! 

It was a great first weekend of the castle!! Can't wait to go back to London!

Larissa xx

13 September 2012

London for the weekend!

Hey everyone!

Sorry  I haven't been posting lately! I've been busy finishing my first week of class! This weekend the castle kids are going to london! I'm going to explore the city and take as many pictures as I possibly can! I'm planning on taking maxi skirts, dresses, tops, comfy shoes, heels for the night and layers! I've been inspired by some of Olivia Palermo's outfits! She is my style icon! I am going to be in london for 3 days and have chosen 3 outfits that inspire mine. 

I think all of these outfits are great with the neutral colours. The weather is suppose to be nice, but I'm planning on bringing layers just incase it gets chilly!

Talk to you all soon!

12 September 2012



Its starting to feel more and more like fall everyday which im loving!
Today I wore my boyfriend jeans from american eagle, and a cream lace shirt. I paired it with my boyfriend blazer to dress it up a bit and then white sandals.

sorry about the blurry pic I was in a rush and thought i'd grab a picture!

Im actually enjoying most of my classes! its so fun, today we had a canadian designer from project runway come and tell us how he started his line and the do's and don'ts of the industry and his opinions on the business!

ilona xxx

9 September 2012

Castle Life

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting in a while! I have been very busy with orientation, and jet lag has really affected me! The castle and it's grounds are absolutely beautiful. The weather has been really good as it has been sunny for 4 days straight, but drizzled a bit today. I have survived orientation week and 5 days in England!

Saying bye to my parents was really hard. I've been skyping and emailing them to let them know what I'm up to. I've been doing the same with my friends too. I really like Skype because you are able to see the person you are talking to face to face so it doesn't seem like you're far away from them!  After arriving at Heathrow Airport, it was a 2 hour drive to East Sussex. I have to say that it is gorgeous in the country side! My sister and I are roommates and I really like it. It makes it feel like I'm back at home. Throughout the week we've been having meetings, which I have to say are really boring!

Today we went to visit Pevensey castle, Eastbourne and Brighton! We woke up early to take coach buses to our destination. While we were in Eastbourne and Brighton, we had spent all of our time trying to get a phone! We finally did, but had to run back to our coach buses before they left us! Brighton and Eastbourne seemed very similar with the beaches and cute shops. Brighton was extremely busy. There were tons of motorcyclists throughout the town, it seems like there was a motor cycle convention!

I just came back from opening ceremonies which is where everyone got to dress up and meet the professors. It was nice to get all done up! I wore a one shouldered Terracotta dress from Asos and shoes from Payless. They were only 20 dollars! What a deal!

Womens BrashWomen's Jupiter Platform Sandal

Class starts tomorrow and I have to say that I am pretty nervous. If I don't like any of my classes, then I can switch into another class within the next 2 weeks!

Well wish me luck!

Larissa Xx

7 September 2012

Fashion Night Out 2

Here are some more pictures from fashion night out!

I wore my cheetah print jeans from american eagle, a black tank from topshop and then my friends boots which are from the gap. I put my hair up in a bun to keep a simple look.

It was so much fun! Am defiantly going to go back next year!


Fashion Night Out

So yesterday we went to fashion night out Toronto! I went with some friends from my floor. We headed into Holt Renfrew and I've decided I want to buy everything in that store ... One day I will!

Here are some pictures from last night, I'm going to post some more later!

We headed down to Bloor Street for a bit, then decided to walk to Topshop, but we never actually went there instead we met up with some people and decided to celeb hunt at the TIFF, no celebrity sightings but next time were gonna be more prepared!

4 September 2012

Off to England!

Hey everyone! 
The day has finally come!

Everything is packed and I'm just about ready to go to the airport. It's really hit me when I had to say bye to my brother. I'm really going to miss him. I have tons of layers on right now as it gets cold at the airport! I have my pink keys suitcase, hiking back pack and a purse. We're meeting up with a friend at the airport, so I'm pretty excited! There are 80 other students on the plane with us!

I'm wearing my Michael Kors watch, Chamilia bracelets, an arrow bracelet form Hawaii, a plaid shirt from Hollister and my Dad's Queen's sweater. As for bottoms, I'm wearing lululemon leggings and combat boots.

This is a picture of my dog Max! I'm going to miss my little fluff ball!

I'll see you all in England!
Larissa Xx

3 September 2012

Caviar Nails

Hey everyone!

My sister Courtney decided to paint her nails with ciate nail polish.

She has the multi coloured nail polish!  Our best friend Alex bought it for her when she was in the states, but you can get them at Sephora!

September 4th is tomorrow, which means that it is going to be our last day in Canada for 3 months! I cannot believe how fast summer has gone by. All of our bags are packed and we're ready to go! I'm not sure whether to feel excited or anxious! Right now a mix of both. I'm going to miss my 
family and friends so much, but we have Skype so seeing them will help me if I get home sick.

Talk to you soon,
Larissa Xx


1. my new agenda for the school year, always important to remember to "keep calm and have a cupcake!"
2. my new tragus piercing I got the other day downtown
3. me and a friend at the welcome gala at ryerson 
4. blue slush from the air show yesterday with the family
5. planes at the airshow!

I came home yesterday to spend some time with the family, and get some stuff sorted for school before I start classes tomorrow. Yesterday we went to the national airshow, which was pretty cool! I didn't expect it to be as good so I didn't bother taking my camera... rookie mistake clearly. 

2 September 2012

Going away party

Hey everyone!
Last night, Courtney and I had a going away party with our family. Here are some outfits that we wore!
Courtney wore her hot pink blouse from J.Crew, H&M cobalt blue shorts and Michael Kors watch. Major colour blocking!
My cousin, Victoria wore a black silk dress and blue bandeau from Aritzia!
My cousin, Megan wore a plain white tank top, pale pink skirt from Brandy Melville and burgundy bow from American Apparel!
I wore a white bustier top from Aritzia, floral skirt from forever 21 and Michael Kors watch! Here are some more pictures of our night!
 (From left to right) Megan, Victoria, Larissa, Courtney, Stephanie.

The food was delicious! Our cupcake holders were perfect!

2 days until we leave! Time flies by too quickly!
Larissa Xx