4 September 2012

Off to England!

Hey everyone! 
The day has finally come!

Everything is packed and I'm just about ready to go to the airport. It's really hit me when I had to say bye to my brother. I'm really going to miss him. I have tons of layers on right now as it gets cold at the airport! I have my pink keys suitcase, hiking back pack and a purse. We're meeting up with a friend at the airport, so I'm pretty excited! There are 80 other students on the plane with us!

I'm wearing my Michael Kors watch, Chamilia bracelets, an arrow bracelet form Hawaii, a plaid shirt from Hollister and my Dad's Queen's sweater. As for bottoms, I'm wearing lululemon leggings and combat boots.

This is a picture of my dog Max! I'm going to miss my little fluff ball!

I'll see you all in England!
Larissa Xx


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