29 November 2012


The holiday season is fast approaching, and what is better then "big" fashion trends for the upcoming dress up time!

Here are two current fashion trends that you can wear to the holiday party, family dinner or reunion with friends.

Peplum is a trend that we are still seeing in everything from tops, to skirts and outerwear. Pair it with a fitted jewelled corset top, or some cigarette pants in a monochromatic colour.

Velvet is something we will be seeing a lot of this holiday. A warm fabric thats a fun texture. You can pair a velvet dress with a tweed blazer, or play with fabrics even more and add some sequins to the outfit for a sparkly, holiday look. 


28 November 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary !! It's my parents anniversary today!!
Here are some pictures of Courtney and I with them!

Here are a few picture from when I went to Madrid last weekend! It was tons of fun! We went for tapas with our spanish teacher!

Larissa xx

November 28

Today is a photo of a vehicle! There aren't many vehicle on the school grounds so I am going to show a picture when I went to brighton. A big thing here in Europe are motorcycles, vespas or bikes! There seemed to be a motorcycle convention going on!


27 November 2012


Todays photo challenge is tree. Seing as its getting close to christmas it only makes sense to use the good old pine tree. 

This past weekend my family and I went to the Christmas tree farm, and chose the tallest tree out of the bunch a 14 foot tree, or as my brother said, double me in height!

 Before: the tree all bundled up

After: the tree unraveled and ready to decorate

The best part part about getting a real christmas tree is the smell it brings in the house, it makes everything smell like pine and christmas and really brings the spirit of christmas with it. 

Happy tree hugging day!

ilona xxx

23 November 2012


Coco Chanel once said I imposed black; it still going strong 

today, for black wipes out everything else around 

Its true black is a colour that will always be worn weather as 

an accessory or a statement piece.

My black school bag, with stitching detailing and my black ring, 2 black items that accompanied my outfit of the day.

ilona xxx

22 November 2012


I suppose this is linked to the fact that it is American Thanksgiving this weekend... 

What am I grateful for?

The opportunity to live in the city of Toronto

Toronto is such a diverse city, with so many opportunities. Being in fashion it has defiantly opened up doors for me and allowed to meet people I never would have had a chance to being at home. I also love how close everything is, as much as I say I miss being able to drive, being able to walk everywhere is so much easier and better for the environment! However being so closed to all the malls and shops is not helping me save up!

ilona xxx

I'm going to follow Ilona's idea! I feel so grateful to live in england! Even though I live in the country side, I can just catch a train to london or catch a flight to a Italy! I am learning about British customs and trying to pick up the accent as well! Living here is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful that Courtney and I can do it together!

Larissa Xx

21 November 2012

November 21

Todays photo is an outfit of the day!
Today was raining as usual, so I chose to wear my orange Hunter Rainboots, tights, Shorts from H&M, Knit sweater from Brandy Melville and a Jean vest from Topshop. 



I recently purchased some new flats from Aldo, which I am excited for. I have created an outfit around them as the OOTD as today I wore sweatpants and a tee as I'm feeling a bit under the weather. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the November photo challenges!
ilona xxx

19 November 2012

November 19!

Today's photo is o something awesome! I chose to take a picture of an advent calendar  Though it is used to count down the days until Christmas, we are using it as a countdown until we come home! There are 17 days let until we come home!! These days will fly by quickly because I have exams in between!


18 November 2012

the weekend

Hey everyone! This weekend I went to Verona, Italy! I bought a purse at a store called Stradivarius  It's a really nice store which sells clothing similar to topshop!

Larissa Xx

My weekend consisted of school work, volunteering at a fashion show put on by fashion students at my school, night out with the girls and the santa claus parade.

here are some back stage pictures of Urban Revolution, a show where the designers had to use eco friendly materials to create a garment/s

and some pictures of the santa parade


15 November 2012

whats in the bag?

heyy! photo challenge day 15...

I'm in desperate need of a new bag and couldn't help but browse when I went into Holt Renfrew the other day and saw this Marc Jacobs Mercer tote, will defiantly have to start saving or look for some less expensive look a-likes!
ilona xxx

14 November 2012

November 14

Hey everyone! Todays photo is of something man-made! I chose to get a picture of the colosseum that I had visited in Rome the past weekend! It is massive and even more impressive in person! I definitely want to visit it again in the future and I think everyone should go see it!

Larissa Xx

13 November 2012

November 13

Day 13 of the photo challenge!
Today's is 'Where you slept

Here is a picture of my bed in res, where 'visions of sugar plums danced in my head' (can you tell im excited for christmas!!)
ilona xxx

12 November 2012

November 12

Hey everyone! The photo for November 12 is of a drink! I bought a Little Mermaid cup from the disney store in Rome! I think it's so adorable! I've just been drinking tons of water!

Larissa Xx

10 November 2012

Day 10

We all have that one thing that we can't live without, and for me I say its my laptop as I have everything on this, am always on the computer and use it to keep in touch with so many people (especially now being away from home!)

 But in reality I can't live without my friends and family! David Pratts quote that "friends will keep you sane" is so true. I always know that whatever happens my friends and family will have my back.
Our prom, last spring! Our classic captain morgan pose
An old picture that basically sums up my family relationship! Nothing like some elevator selfies at Disney!

Whats that one thing you can't live without? Want a challenge, try not using it for a day...


9 November 2012

Day 9


Sorry I was not able to post my 'everyday' photo yesterday, my parents came up to see me and I did not have a lot of spare time!

Day 8 
this is the walk I make everyday from my residence to my classes!

For Day 9, something small

 I call this my bubble gum scarf! part of today's outfit, I love the pink and white polka dots making it a fun print.
To make today's amount of assignments that much more copable I decided to treat myself to a cupcake! Something small that makes the day a little better.

And the small poppies that are seen on everyones jackets this time of year, to remember those who sacrificed so much for what we have to do. we remember. 

ilona xxx

Day 8

Day 8 is a photo of something that you do everyday!
Each day I go through a dilemma of what to wear! This is my closet! My closet has expanded while I've been in England!

Larissa Xx

8 November 2012


Hey everyone!
Courtney and I are off to Rome for the weekend!
See you all soon!

Larissa Xx

7 November 2012

Day 7

Its time to reflect...
this is the reflection from inside my water bottle, a cute little fishy friend

and this is the goofy spoon picture I took!

Hey everyone! I wasn't as creative as Ilona! I just took a picture of myself in my mirror! Tonight I went to dinner at a restaurant called Lamb down the road from the castle! Now I need to get some work done!

Larissa Xx

6 November 2012

Day 6

So today's photo is of your favourite thing. Our favourite thing is One direction! We absolutely love their new album called Take me There. All of their songs are great! We really like Last first Kiss, Little things, I would and well to be honest we love them all!

LarissaXx and xxxilona

5 November 2012

Day 5

Its 5 O'Clock!
I hope you all remembered to move your clocks back an hour for that extra bit of sleep on Sunday.

At 5 o'clock today I was busy working on some assignments

This is a picture of my messy desk with my supplies all over the place, my view at 5 o'clock

The final product, a design plate that portrays the design element Value, and the different types of colour and contrast varieties. 


Courtney and I ordered a tree for our room! We got it today and put it up! We don't have any decorations yet, but it makes our room very homey! Christmas is in 50 days!

Larissa Xx