28 June 2013

Friday Favourites

Favourite Fashion
A classic and summery twist on the suit, try pairing a like colour blazer with fun printed shorts.

Favourite Treat

If you are from Toronto, or near abouts this summers Summerlicious is a great way to enjoy a girls night out. With dinner menus for $25 you get to enjoy some very nice restaurants without spending all that extra cash you earned.

Favourite DIY Idea

Favourite Song
Cruise- Florida Georgina Line

Embracing my inner country girl, this song is perfect for those summer night drives.

Favourite Quote
happy friday and happy long weekend Canadians!!

27 June 2013

4th of July Outfits!

Hey loves!

Since Canada Day is around the corner, it means that the 4th of July is as well! Time to celebrate with fireworks, family gatherings and more. So many events and so much to wear! Dressing in red, white and blue are essential. 

Outfit 1:
1. Wilfred Blouse 2. Glamour Link Necklace 3. Wilfred Free Decker Hat 4. J.crew Linen Shorts 5. Zara Wooden Wedge

This is a great day casual outfit. The red polka dot shorts add the needed colour while the blouse acts as a simple piece. This is great for a person who wants to look sporty chic with the baseball cap!

Outfit 2:
1. Babaton Blouse 2. A.R. TRAPP 4111 Sunglasses 3. Zara Wedges 4. J.crew Toothpick Pants

If it happens to be a breezy night or you just prefer wearing pants, this is the outfit for you. This outfit incorporates each colour in the American flag prominently. The bold pants and wedges bring you the attention you want but does not go overboard with the white blouse. The sunglasses add the chic factor to the outfit. 

Outfit 3:
1. J.crew Chambray Topover 2. Zara Frayes shorts 3. Corria Necklace 4. Ingole Sunglasses 5. Zara boot

This is a very casual look. Having a Barbecue with the family or friends? This is a good outfit to be comfortable in the red boots are great because the aren't to tall, so you won't be so warm. The chambray shirt is a very classic item that matches well with the white shorts. This outfit involves very light colours, which is great for the summer!

Outfit 4:
1. Zara Blouse 2. Zara Necklace 3. Zara Shorts 4. J.crew Beach Towel  5. Zara Sandal

The USA is known to have amazing fireworks, so this outfit is great it you are going to see some! The outfit has many colours and textures.  This outfit resembles fireworks! The towel is great to have as it matches the theme. If you want to tone down the outfit simply opt for a plain white t-shirt instead of the blouse and flats instead of the wedges!

Happy 4th of July!

26 June 2013

Canada Day Outfits

Hey everyone!

Canada day is coming up and its time to dress in red and white! This is the only time in the whole year to show how patriotic you are to your country by showing it in your outfit!

Outfit 1:

This outfit is great to watch fireworks. Light pieces for a warm summer night. Each piece ties together well with the consistent colour choices.The towel is a great option to take with you!

Outfit 2:

Getting together with friends on the Canada Day weekend is always fun so you might as well wear a cute outfit! This is a simple outfit with a white tank and bright shorts. neutral heels create the illusion of longer legs and the baseball cap protects you from whatever you'll be doing in the sun! 

Outfit 3:

If its a cool night opt for a classic denim shirt and jeans. Don't forget to wear red and white! The white wedges will be comfortable and white shoes are a huge trend this summer! This is a really effortless outfit. 

Outfit 4:

Family gatherings aren't an option on Canada day! They are tons of fun and include hanging out in the backyard and barbecues! If you like wearing dresses this is a great option. The standout piece are the sunglasses. They are fun and practical!

I wish everyone a Happy Canada Day !

21 June 2013

christian louboutin world

Hey Lovlies!

Happy Friday and Happy first day of summer!

We all love those classic red soled shoes by no one better then Christian Louboutin right? Whether the classic black silhouette or the studded pink ones they are the perfect way to dress up any look.

Today at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street, Toronto you have the opportunity join Christain Louboutin and his upcoming Pre-Fall collection.

If you can't make it to the that... The Design Exchange in Toronto is having a Christain Louboutin exhibit, where you can check out his collections of designs and learn about his inspiration for his unique heels and styles. 
image from DX
I know I am defiantly going to make my way to the Design Exchange to see first hand some of the creative process and check out some one of a kind pieces of Louboutin. This exhibit is running from June 21 to September 15.


20 June 2013

how to wear: jumpsuit with contrast colour

Finding that perfect piece of clothing for your wardrobe is exciting, however figuring out ways to wear it in both the daytime and night time is a bit of a challenge.

This Zara Romper with contrasting colour is a perfect look to take from day to night with a casual relaxed look for day, and minimalistic sophisticated look for night.

 1. F21 Faux Leather Bag || 23.80 
2. Mango Studded Military Vest || 45 
3. Steve Madden Sandals || 60
2. Topshop Heeled Sandals || 90 


What to wear to an interview

Hey loves!

It can be difficult to decide what to wear to an interview. It depends on what job you are applying for and your style.  It is important to dress "business like". You want to make a good first impression with your interviewer. 

Outfit #1: Classic

This outfit has a classic style to it. I chose a red top because I like the pop of colour along with the neutrals. The neutral pumps lengthen the legs. The necklace completes the outfit.

Outfit #2: Feminine

If you are feminine and love to wear dresses, then outfit 4 is for you. A black dress is essential in everyones closet. It is necessary that the dress is at an appropriate length, to or below the knees.  Wearing a white jacket will brighten up the outfit.

Outfit #3: Skirt

Wearing a skirt is another great option. Again, make sure that the skirt length is appropriate.  A crisp white shirt tends to be a staple item for business clothing. Wearing a colourful necklace is an option and can finish an outfit. 

Outfit #4: Classic Pants

A classic black pant is one of the best options to wear at an interview. They can match many things. I paired it with a blue top and white blazer.  You can wear a bold, simple or no necklace at all. Black pumps are great and go well with any outfit!

I hope you like these outfits!

18 June 2013

Style steals

Hey loves!

I chose two outfits and created a style steal. I love these outfits for the summer. Both outfits are casual but have bold accessories to make it exciting.

Inspiration for Outfit #1:
This is Chiara Ferragni also known as The Blonde Salad. She is one of my style icons. Her style is effortless and elegant! 

Outfit #1: Sporty Chic:
La Notte Tommaso SweatshirtLeather SandalClassic Link BraceletBabaton Rudy ShortsCity Hunter Hat

Inspiration for Outfit #2:

Outfit #2: Trendy Casual

La Notte Vitti TankBabaton Alvin ShortsChain Necklace with FeathersStrappy Thong SandalFloral Sequin Clutch

This outfit is great because it involves simple pieces. The necklace really makes the outfit pop along with the shorts. It's a fun outfit because it has many bold colours. This is a great outfit for the daytime!

Hope you enjoyed these style steals!

17 June 2013

High Slits, High Life

Maxi || DIY (similar) , Top || H&M (similar), Sunglass || Ray Bans

Caitlin's Outfit
 Dress || The Gap, Belt || American Eagle (Similar)

Hey Lovlies!

How was your weekend?
In the past week I have been busy finalizing a place to live in Toronto for the up coming school year, and on Friday that all got signed for! Im excited to say I finally have a place of my own in the city with my friend Julia. On Saturday night my sister and I went to the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert, it was a lot of fun just singing at the top of our lungs and screaming like you should at a concert right? Of course her opening act Ed Sheeran was equally amazing and never fails to wow me. Then on Sunday was Father's Day, after work I joined my family in just some relaxing times in the backyard, ate some delicious food and then watched the MMVA's (Much Music Video Awards) that were on last night.

15 June 2013

Youtube Challenge

Hey Lovlies!

The other day we thought we would have a go at making a youtube video! We always see the youtube challenges and they look so funny, so we decided to do the blindfold challenge.

Basically what you do is grab a friend, and some weird objects from around your house (we used everything from stamps, to onions!) and then blindfold one another and have the other person guess your objects.

xoxo Larissa and ilona

14 June 2013

Outfits of the Day!

Hey loves!

Today I got together with my cousins and I'm going to show you our outfits. Each of us have our own personalities and it shows in our style!

Victoria is wearing a light pink tank and floral skirt from Brandy Melville. She pairs her outfit with Tory Burch flip flops. Her watch is from Michael Kors.  Victoria's favourite trend is maxi skirts.

Megan is wearing a hot pink dress from Aritzia. She pairs her outfit with sandals from Steve Madden. Megan's favourite clothing piece in her closet is her velvet skirt. 

Courtney is wearing a terracotta dress from Mahina. She pairs her outfit with Steve Madden wedges.  She loves a great pair of jeans!

I'm wearing a light pink tank and floral pants from Brandy Melville. I'm wearing Steve Madden boots and have my Michael Kors watch on. 

Friday Favourites

Favourite Fashion:
picture - destroyed denim and a white shirt 

Favourite Treat:
Favourite diy idea:

Favourite Song: 
22- Taylor Swift
Getting ready for her concert in Toronto on Saturday

Favourite Quote:

happy friday lovlies,

13 June 2013


Hey loves!

I love wearing stripes in all of the seasons, they are a basic in my closet. Some say that stripes are flattering and other say otherwise. I think it all depends on your body type and how you wear them. Wearing stripes in vibrant colours will add attention to you and darker colours such as black will have the opposite effect. 

Horizontal stripes are my favourite because I have a boxy figure. Wearing the  horizontal lines on the top and bottom enhance my figure.  The neutral wedges will lengthen the legs and the chunky necklace will add a pop of colour to the outfit!

11 June 2013

Gift Guide: Fathers Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, finding that perfect gift that says "thanks for everything you do and much love" is difficult. Especially when its for your dad. I always find it challenging to find that present that is useful and as unexpected as it should be. If there are a couple of siblings in your family, its nice to all pitch in and do something nice, or if your short on cash this year a nice trip mini putting, or for an ice cream always wins a dad over!

Here are some ideas for any father from the stylish dad to the backyard BBQ type!
1. Casual Leather Wallet || 50.00


8 June 2013

Summer Must Haves: Nail Colours

Hey Lovlies!
Nothing says summer more then some bright hues on your nails to brighten up the day, right? I find that  nail polish is the perfect way to play with seasonal colours without spending a fortune and adding wardrobe pieces that will never get worn again.

Use this nail colour guide to get summers best colours, and see what fun ways you can think of to paint your nails. The bright sea foam green is a must have, as well as chartreuse green for those later summer days! The coral and purple are less subtle brights, and the classic ballerina pink is a staple for every season.

Have fun painting!

6 June 2013

Splurge or Save: Cat Eye Sunglasses

if its anything like the weather here in Toronto, despite it being summer there is no need for sunglasses with all the rain. But we like to stay optimistic right? The glass is always half full :) So we are planning ahead for the summer months. 

This summer try the cat eye sunnies with a twist. With only the half frame, these sunnies are not as heavy on the face, and allow for a more vintage combination look. Available in an assortment of frames and colours, these sunnies are suitable for everyone.