17 June 2013

High Slits, High Life

Maxi || DIY (similar) , Top || H&M (similar), Sunglass || Ray Bans

Caitlin's Outfit
 Dress || The Gap, Belt || American Eagle (Similar)

Hey Lovlies!

How was your weekend?
In the past week I have been busy finalizing a place to live in Toronto for the up coming school year, and on Friday that all got signed for! Im excited to say I finally have a place of my own in the city with my friend Julia. On Saturday night my sister and I went to the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert, it was a lot of fun just singing at the top of our lungs and screaming like you should at a concert right? Of course her opening act Ed Sheeran was equally amazing and never fails to wow me. Then on Sunday was Father's Day, after work I joined my family in just some relaxing times in the backyard, ate some delicious food and then watched the MMVA's (Much Music Video Awards) that were on last night.


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