20 June 2013

What to wear to an interview

Hey loves!

It can be difficult to decide what to wear to an interview. It depends on what job you are applying for and your style.  It is important to dress "business like". You want to make a good first impression with your interviewer. 

Outfit #1: Classic

This outfit has a classic style to it. I chose a red top because I like the pop of colour along with the neutrals. The neutral pumps lengthen the legs. The necklace completes the outfit.

Outfit #2: Feminine

If you are feminine and love to wear dresses, then outfit 4 is for you. A black dress is essential in everyones closet. It is necessary that the dress is at an appropriate length, to or below the knees.  Wearing a white jacket will brighten up the outfit.

Outfit #3: Skirt

Wearing a skirt is another great option. Again, make sure that the skirt length is appropriate.  A crisp white shirt tends to be a staple item for business clothing. Wearing a colourful necklace is an option and can finish an outfit. 

Outfit #4: Classic Pants

A classic black pant is one of the best options to wear at an interview. They can match many things. I paired it with a blue top and white blazer.  You can wear a bold, simple or no necklace at all. Black pumps are great and go well with any outfit!

I hope you like these outfits!


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