27 June 2013

4th of July Outfits!

Hey loves!

Since Canada Day is around the corner, it means that the 4th of July is as well! Time to celebrate with fireworks, family gatherings and more. So many events and so much to wear! Dressing in red, white and blue are essential. 

Outfit 1:
1. Wilfred Blouse 2. Glamour Link Necklace 3. Wilfred Free Decker Hat 4. J.crew Linen Shorts 5. Zara Wooden Wedge

This is a great day casual outfit. The red polka dot shorts add the needed colour while the blouse acts as a simple piece. This is great for a person who wants to look sporty chic with the baseball cap!

Outfit 2:
1. Babaton Blouse 2. A.R. TRAPP 4111 Sunglasses 3. Zara Wedges 4. J.crew Toothpick Pants

If it happens to be a breezy night or you just prefer wearing pants, this is the outfit for you. This outfit incorporates each colour in the American flag prominently. The bold pants and wedges bring you the attention you want but does not go overboard with the white blouse. The sunglasses add the chic factor to the outfit. 

Outfit 3:
1. J.crew Chambray Topover 2. Zara Frayes shorts 3. Corria Necklace 4. Ingole Sunglasses 5. Zara boot

This is a very casual look. Having a Barbecue with the family or friends? This is a good outfit to be comfortable in the red boots are great because the aren't to tall, so you won't be so warm. The chambray shirt is a very classic item that matches well with the white shorts. This outfit involves very light colours, which is great for the summer!

Outfit 4:
1. Zara Blouse 2. Zara Necklace 3. Zara Shorts 4. J.crew Beach Towel  5. Zara Sandal

The USA is known to have amazing fireworks, so this outfit is great it you are going to see some! The outfit has many colours and textures.  This outfit resembles fireworks! The towel is great to have as it matches the theme. If you want to tone down the outfit simply opt for a plain white t-shirt instead of the blouse and flats instead of the wedges!

Happy 4th of July!


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