22 November 2012


I suppose this is linked to the fact that it is American Thanksgiving this weekend... 

What am I grateful for?

The opportunity to live in the city of Toronto

Toronto is such a diverse city, with so many opportunities. Being in fashion it has defiantly opened up doors for me and allowed to meet people I never would have had a chance to being at home. I also love how close everything is, as much as I say I miss being able to drive, being able to walk everywhere is so much easier and better for the environment! However being so closed to all the malls and shops is not helping me save up!

ilona xxx

I'm going to follow Ilona's idea! I feel so grateful to live in england! Even though I live in the country side, I can just catch a train to london or catch a flight to a Italy! I am learning about British customs and trying to pick up the accent as well! Living here is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful that Courtney and I can do it together!

Larissa Xx


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