17 September 2012

London Town

Hey everyone!
So we had a great time in London this weekend. I was able to see many attractions in London, such as Big Ben, The Buckingham Palace, Trafalger Square and many more!  There was so much to see and do! 

Just casually trekking towards The Buckingham Palace!At night we decided to go for dinner at steakhouse, and the food was amazing! We later went to haagen dazs to hang out with some friends and eat dessert! The next day I went to the British Museum with my Art History course. There are amazing statues and artifacts in that museum my favourite pieces were the statues from the pediment of the parthenon!
We went back to the castle the next day and I relaxed the whole day. I needed to catch up on some sleep and did some readings! 

It was a great first weekend of the castle!! Can't wait to go back to London!

Larissa xx


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