19 September 2012


Hey Everyone!!Today I just went to my classes and wore a statement necklace that my sister had bought me for 2 pounds at Primark! I love it!  It was really nice weather today so I decided to wear a dress and a over sized cardigan!I had gotten my cardigan for Aritzia. This cardigan is so versatile. you can wear it with shorts, legging, jeans, dresses or anything else! It keeps you warm on chilly days as well! 

Tomorrow I don't have classes til 5 pm! I want to go to town and do a little shopping or some exercise! Maybe a run in the fields!

I threw my hair up in a high pony tail to keep it out of my way when listening in class!

As for jewellery, I have my Michael Kors watch on with a Links of London knock- off bracelet. Courtney and I have matching ones! I am wearing my toe ring from hawaii above my knuckle as usual!
The bracelet is really cute because it has a double decker bus and a british flag on it! I wear it everyday side I got it!

Talk to you all soon!
Larissa Xx


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