10 May 2013

DIY: Canvas Art

In need of some new art for your bedroom to bring some colour? This DIY: Canvas Art piece is easy to make and can be customized to suit you! The combination of paint and gold leaf add a twist to this piece. 

Pick your favourite paint colours (guache or acrylic|| Choose any size canvas you like (mine was 8"x10")

1. Start by mixing your colours, you dont want the paint to be too watery or too thick.
2. Paint on to the canvas, up to where you want your gold leaf to go.
3. Place a clean paintbrush into the mod podge (or glue) and paint a light coat onto the canvas where the gold leaf is to be placed.
4. Start by gently placing the gold leaf down with a clean finger (remember it is delicate). Lightly press into place covering large spaces.
5. Now take a clean paintbrush with mod podge on, and gently press on top of the laid gold leaf. Do not move back and fourth as this will move the gold leaf, instead gently press up and down to press the gold leaf into place and seal.
6. Make sure to cover all spaces necessary, completing the strip of gold leaf.
7. Ta Da there you have it! Your new art piece ready to be hung. Allow a couple hours for drying and to allow the gold leaf to set.

 So give it a go and tweet a pic of your masterpiece!


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