24 May 2013

tips 101: money saving

As soon as payday comes we want to spend our money to "reward" ourselves for all the work we've done. However its also important to save some whether for a trip or for school. 

1. Have a Girls Night In
Getting together with the girls, doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. Stay in, grab some movies, eat some food and have fun at home.

2. Become a Bartender
Not literally, but learn to make your own summer cocktails and mixers so you don't have to spend a fortune going out. Invite everyone over and have a BYOB "Mixology Event" like DesignLoveFest.

3. Try Thrift Shopping
We all like to shop, and the thrill of getting something new to wear is only part of the fun! So instead of hitting the mall for brand new merchandise go to the local thrift stores and see what you can find for less then $10. Take these finds and DIY them to make them suit you.

4. Pack a Lunch
When leaving for work/ school take that 10 minutes extra to make a lunch. It is easy to be out and spend $5-$10/day on food that you could have brought from home. Plus you aren't forced to consume heavy calorie foods and can stick to a healthy diet!

5. Pay with Cash
Each week get out a small amount of cash to keep in your wallet, instead of paying by debit/ credit pay with cash. This helps you keep better track of your money and you can budget easier if you have limited funds.

6. Get Creative
Its amazing what you can find around the house. From your kitchen you can make some great facial/ hair masks and scrubs to avoid expensive trips on beauty products. Birthdays coming up? Save dollars on a card by making your own, old pictures, funny drawings.

7. Use a Piggy Bank
Have a jar in sight (an old mason jar works or this cute ones from urban outfitters) to put loose change in from the end of each day. A penny here and there will add up in the end giving you some extra cash.

8. Buy Last Minute
Concerts and vacations can all be fun, but they are expensive too. Check out local sites for last minute deals so save. Stubhub is great for cheap concerts and sports events, while Hotwire make trips affordable.

9. Skip the Busy Gym
Having a gym membership is great, but they don't come cheap. If your self motivated or have friends around to workout with start jogging outside, set up cross training at the park, or check out youtube Blogilates for some great videos. 

10. Student Discounts
Many places have student discount cards or deals that can save you between 10-20% on purchases. Also shop online and look for promo codes, take advantage of these to get the best deals while stocking up your closet. 

What are you saving up for? School in September? Traveling? A new bag?



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