15 May 2013

DIY Studded Shorts

Hey Everyone! 
Here's a DIY that many people have done, so I decided to try it! What you need are a pair of shorts, chalk, a ruler and studs. 
First  you decide where you want to put the studs. You can lay the studs on top of the shorts without piercing them into the fabric. Try putting them in different spots and see which you like best!
Next I used the ruler and chalk to create a straight line for the studs. 
Now you begin putting the studs into the shorts. There are spikes at the bottom of the studs that you put into the shorts. They will poke through to the other side of the shorts and you push down the spikes so they lay flat on the material.  Continue with one stud at a time until the desired pattern. 
After completing your pattern the shorts will be done!
Happy Studding!

Larissa xx


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