14 August 2012

Summer Playlist

Hey everyone! 
These songs are on my summer playlist! These are the ones that are great to pump you up when you get ready! 
I love this song though it's in french! The Artist is M Pokora and the song is called On est là.
This song is called Stars Come Out (Dillion Francis Remix) by Zedd. I don't tend to listen to this dubstep, beat music, but I really enjoy it!

This song is great! My sister showed me it and it's not as famous as the mainstream music on the radio. The chorus is really catchy! The Artist is GOLDHOUSE and the song is called The Moment.

Olly Murs is one of my favourite artists. He has a mixture of upbeat songs to slow songs. His songs have really nice meanings and the lyrics are really well written. I absolutely love this song. It is one of my favourite songs by him. Its a great song for a rainy day.This song is called This song is about you.
Lakyn Heperi is such a great artist. He is was discovered on The Voice Australia. He does amazing mashups of songs. It's extremely to pick a favourite. I still haven't gotten tired of listening to his music! This  song is the one that had gotten him discovered! It's a mashup of Kids by MGMT and Is this Love by Bob Marley. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. This guy has such greg talent!
The last song that I want to share with you all is by One Direction! I shave supported these guys since they auditioned for X Factor ! These boys are amazing performers and have meaningful songs! I have been to two of their Concerts with Ilona! I love Harry Styles and Ilona loves Louis! All their songs are my favourite but heres one of them! This song is Everything about you
I hope you all like these songs as much as I do! What are your favourite songs right now?

Talk to you all soon! 
Larissa Xx


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