20 August 2012

Which Bag?

Hey everyone! 

I really want to invest in a larges bag as most of my purses are shoulder/cross body bags. I like the purses from Zara because they have a large selection.

This is my number one choice! I absolutely love this bag! It is called the Plaited Shopper. It is 16x20 inches. I think the colour would be great to match many outfits.
This bag is called the Quilted Leather Shopper. It is 14x17 inches. I really like the detailing throughout the bag, and the inside is bright red. This looks more like a tote rather than a purse.
This purse resembles the first purse. It is called Shopper Basket and is 15x20 inches. It is in a camel tone and is very neutral for everyday outfits.
This purse is the same as the other purse, but it is in a different colour. It is also called the Shopper Basket. I like these colours a lot. They aren't the typical colours that one would see in a purse.

I'm still not sure which one I want to get or if I'll get one at another store! Which one do you like?

Larissa Xx


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