7 August 2012


Hey everyone!
Since the Summer Olympics are currently happening , I decided to share to you my favourite Olympians!
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My all time favourite Summer Olympian is Ryan Lochte! I think everyone likes him because of his looks, but he is also an amazing swimmer! He did a fantastic job in these Olympics and I'm really proud of him though I am Canadian! Aha!
Look at how adorable he is!

This is one of my favourite pictures of Ryan Lochte :)

Look at him in his colourful speedo;)
Michael Phelps is so inspiring as he has the most medals in Olympic history! 18 Gold medals,2 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals! He is also one of my favourite Olympians:)

My newest favourite Summer Olympian is Matt Anderson! He plays for Team USA in Men's Volleyball. He is amazing at blocking and spiking the ball!

Now for Canadian Olympians!
Derek Drouin, is a Bronze Medalist in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! He is from Sarnia, a town east of Toronto. Wohoo, Go Canada!

I love Misty Mae Trainer and Kerri Walsh Jennings. They play for USA in beach volleyball. They are amazing volleyball 
players and had inspired me to play the sport! Usain Bolt is also 
very inspiring as he gives back to those who made his dream
come true in Jamaica, not to mention his amazing talent!
I am so proud to be canadian and support our women's gymnastics team!  They have made History and placed 5th in 
London! Great job Elsabeth Black, Dominique Pegg, KristinaVaculik, Brittany Rogers and Victoria Moors. Go Canada!
The Olympics unite the world and let everyone root for their
country! We can celebrate a win as a nation!I'm lookingforward to watch the rest of the Olympics!
Larissa Xx


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