30 August 2012

a fashionable helmet?

Its clear that people are putting a lot more thought into what they wear, and how they present themselves in public. So much so that these swedish designers created the unthinkable "the invisible bike helmet"! How cool is that?

The company is Hovding, and they have created this collar that inflates in the case of an accident like an airbag. They are retailing for about $600 a collar! Will these helmets make their way onto canadian streets? 

What do I think? 
With so many people using bikes as their main method of transportation, I think it's a great idea. Adults are often either ashamed of wearing a helmet as they can be bulky and an outfit killer, or they don't want to ruin their hair. Which to be honest safety first is important. If this is going to encourage more people to wear a helmet while biking on the streets, its a great innovation! 

photos from hovding

You can read the complete article here in the toronto star or look at the unique styles here

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