11 August 2012

the cottage

hey guys sorry for my absence! I've been up north with the family at a cottage which we rented for the past week and there wasn't a lot of internet. At the cottage was my parents, sister and my brother and his girlfriend, and then Lily came up with us but we had to take her home mid week :( and then we had my uncle and his two little kids come up and his girlfriend

Here are some pictures of the view from the cottage, and the actual cottage itself. We stayed on georgian bay, which is part of one of Canadas great lakes (lake huron)

and this is the fun!
1. me and lily bored on the boat  2. our turn tubing although apparently my brother hasn't heard of zoom! 3. my lil pup! 4. the kids 5.arn't her glasses just the cutest things ever 6. we got in the olympic spirit and had our own pool tournament complete with a medal ceremony (me and my brother won bronze, first time playing pool didn't think was too bad!) 7. the sun got to us...
ilona xxx


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