7 July 2013

Shopping Guide: Tall girls

Everyone has a hard time finding that perfect pair of jeans, or those shoes that fit just right. But the added problems we have of being tall makes shopping that much more of a challenge.

Having been above average heights for as long as I can remember the worst part about shopping is trying something on only to have it be far to short or just look awkward as the proportions are way off on you.

I remember sitting at my computer for hours googling where to get long jeans from, or long dresses. I mean there are plenty out there for tall girls, but a lot start too big or are not age appropriate I have found. But after much trial and error of online shopping ordering and returns I have managed to find some decent stores that accommodate tall in small enough sizes.
The best place I have found for jeans, particularly skinny jeans is American Eagle online. Most of their styles now come in extra long which is the perfect length. Another style for a nice fitted pair is J Brand jeans in the Pencil Leg cut. These are not supper skinny but they are defiantly a good splurge, a nice fit and good quality.

Although not easily accesible I have found that the selection of tops in Topshop in the Tall collection are nice and a wide range of style from casual to more dressy. These can be purchased online as well as at their in-store locations. Zara is also another place I have found has longer shirt styles. Being european they tend to have a bit of added length to the hems and sleeves making them ideal for the taller girls. 

When hitting the gym its important to have some good clothes to do it in. Lululemon has the option to buy their pants in a long length which is the perfect length without hemming!! Many of their tank tops are also longer styles, meaning you won't have to go around wearing crop tops. Lululemon also has some great leggings (their wonder pant) which are surprisingly long even though they only come in one length!

Dressing to impress is a must, and having a blazer that fits appropriately is even more important. Banana Republic offers a selection of blazers in their tall collection from casual to the classic business style.  Although a bit on the pricier side, you know they are a great quality and a perfect fit with the tall collection available. 

Dresses and Skirts:
It is always nice to be able to dress up without flashing everyone! If you are going to be buying dresses online always make sure to look at the lengths, and if you have to send an email to the company asking. I have found this to be so helpful so I don't end up with hemlines that end inches below my butt! The maxi dresses at Victoria's Secret I have found to be a good length, available for purchase online. The Gap also has a nice selection of dresses that are casual and appropriate lengths for all occasions. For skirts, many of J Crew's styles tend to be a decent length, as I like to wear my skirts at the waist the skirts from here make it possible to do so. 

For the longest time all I wanted was a pair of pajama pants! If your anything like me lazy days which are spent in sweats and pajamas and all of my pants ended up as crops the moment I washed them. I was so excited when I found that Victoria's Secret has some of their pajama pants and sets in long length and it was an immediate purchase online for me. The same problem with sweatpants, I found they were the right length when I bought them however after washing they seemed to become just awkward ankle pants. Victoria's Secret PINK boyfriend pant are the perfect length.

Well ladies, I hope this little guide of my findings helps you find some of your new closet favourites in the perfect lengths!! If you have anything to add feel free to share, we gotta stick together with some things right?

Happy Saturday


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