28 February 2013


Hey! Heres a couple of pictures from when I went away with my family, it was just my sister and my parents that went away. 
Caitlin and I once onboard
Formal night, I don't know how many people looked had to double take to see if I was wearing heels!

In Puerto Rico
Enjoying the lovely beaches in St. Kitts

Second formal Night, I wore a chiffon maxi skirt I made and a black crop, Caitlin wore a white maxi dress with cutouts from Topshop
It got a little windy!

Another family pic

The biggest Muskoka chair I have seen!

I loved how colourful all the buildings were in Puerto Rico 
This was my first time on a cruise, I have to say if you ever have the opportunity it is a great way to see multiple places. It was weird to wrap my head around the fact that we were practically in the middle of the ocean and being able to hear the waves all the time was so relaxing.



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