18 February 2013

Off to France!

Hey everyone! Its our Midterm week, and everyone at the castle is going to visit Arras, Vimy Ridge, Lille, Versailles and Paris! 

This is in Arras.There were very large squares in the town and here is a picture of Courtney, Latisha and Cale. We went to lunch at a local restaurant and Courtney and I ordered a Caesar Salad and the instead the dressing tasted like Wasabi mixed with mayonaise!  It caught us off guard! Both Lex and I wore the sunglasses that we purchased in the Canary Islands! 
Next we went to Vimy Ridge. This was amazing to see. Vimy Ridge is a very historical moment in Canadian History! We took a tour of the grounds and we able to enter both the Canadian/British/French trenches and the Germans. We were also able to go to a underground tunnel. This is where runners would stay to deliver messages and where soldiers from Ottawa and the Montreal soldiers would stay before the attack on April 9 1917 took place. It gave me shivers to imagine myself in the soldiers positions. There were many craters on the grounds as they were created by enemy bombing. You were not allowed to walk on the grass, only the paved paths because there were still undetected grenades in the ground. The monument itself is magnificent. It really shows how much the troops were appreciated. I am really proud to be Canadian. Lest we forget.

This has been a great trip so far and I look forward to everything else we are going to see and experience!

Larissa Xx


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