17 August 2013

DIY: split heart art - simple prints

I find I am always looking for small pieces of art to hang up in my room, however they always cost a small fortune. I decided to give it a go myself with a couple diy materials I had around the house.

This Diy takes minutes, and can be done while your sitting outside catching the last sun rays of summer!

What you need:
Paint - Acrylic or left over house paint
2 Canvas' (square size) - I used two wooden blocks I got from Michaels for $1!
Cup of water
Sponge Brush - 1-2 inch wide
Paint Brush- for fixing up design
I chose the colour plum a nice dark, warm shade I thought would go well with the furniture in my room.
Lay your canvas' side by side how you want them to hang in your. Sketch your design out in pencil so you know what will fall on each canvas.
Pour the paint out and mix to ensure it is not watery and an equal consistency.
Go over the sketch with the paint- using the sponge brush. This doesn't have to be perfect its just a base.
Get the thinner brush and touch up any areas you want a thicker line, darker colour or a better shape. Make sure you don't have a dog around to push your arm.... then your stuck with a much wider line then you wanted (I might be speaking from experience!)

Once it looks how you want, put it up in the perfect spot in your room. There you have it some new art in less then 10 minutes!



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