6 August 2013

New York City Bound!

Hey lovlies!

I am kind of just a little excited to be going to New York for the first time (okay maybe a little over excited!) Limiting myself to packing only the essentials so I have plenty of room for shopping in my carry on was fun. Having to pre plan what I was going to wear to ensure I wasn't going to take stuff that would just take up space, and making outfits that easily transitioned to night with a change of top or some added accessories was important to do so.

As I am going with my family, we are doing a lot of the typical touristy stuff which I can't complain about because I've never seen it before anyway! But much of my outfits consist of casual combinations and flat shoes to accommodate all the walking we will be doing.

1. Philosophy Happy Travels Set || 32.00
All your travel beauty essentials in travel size make everything that much more convenient. Don't forget that for liquids you can only take so much on the plane so these little bottles of everything you love are ideal and they help you save extra space for your shopping! 
2. Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip || 195.00
Having the hands free cross body bag makes everything easier. The multi zips allow you to strategically place everything for accessibility to prevent you digging through your bag for your phone to get that perfect picture!
3. Madewell Roll Sleeve Colour Block Tee || 45.00
This basic tee is something you can wear with everything, an outfit malfunction (we all have those days where we decide to hate everything we own) or you want to wear that new skirt you just bought!
4. Zara Bird Print Dress || 80.00
This simple t shirt dress can be worn during the day, hair in a top knot with some sandals and then easily worn for the evening curl the hair and put on some red lips will have you ready for the night life.
5. Steve Madden Reader Sandal || 40.00 (sale)
With all the walking you should expect to be doing a flat, comfortable sandal is a must have. Having it in a neutral colour will allow you to wear it with most of your outfit options making them more versatile.



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