27 October 2012

Toronto Fashion week

Yesterday I has the coolest experience ever! 

Always wanting to go to fashion week, I was disappointed when I found out you have to be 19 to either volunteer or see the shows. So when an opportunity came up to help with Toronto designer Sunny Fong of VAWK designs, I went for an interview and got the job!

There was a small group of fashion students from Ryerson that I met up with to go down to the tent. Once we got there we got sent backstage, where we just took everything in; the models walking back and fourth, the chaos in the makeup/hair room and the preparation that happens backstage. 

My job was to be in the front and give guests their tickets and seats. So I was busy checking peoples names off a list and handing out tickets. It got a bit chaotic, as theres always those people that are not on the list, or don't actually have a seat assigned to them! but thats all part of the fun! I gave David Dixon his ticket!

Once the show started, we got to go and actually watch the fashion show. I fell in love with the whole atmosphere, and can safely say that fashion is the right choice of study for me!

Here are some pictures of the night.

 We had to wear all black, so I borrowed my friends peplum top, and wore my black wedges and black skinny jeggings I bought. 

Happy Saturday!


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