5 October 2012

Weekend in Cornwall!

Hey everyone!!

Last weekend we went to Cornwall! We had a blast! We went to so many attractions! 

One of my favourites was the trip to St. Michaels Mount. There was a path that would take you to the island with the castle, but you could only go when the tide was low, when the tide was high the path was covered! I wore rain boots so I could walk into the ocean without getting soaked! 

This is me attempting to look like a character from the titanic! 

We went to the Eden project! It was amazing with all of the biomes. There was a rainforest and Mediterranean biome!  I was able to zipline over all of the biomes, unfortunately there were really strong winds and I got stuck on the zipline!! It was so embarrassing!! Someone had to come out and get me! 

After that we went to a beach called Lusty Glaze Beach. It may look warm in the picture, but the water was freezing!! We decided to go ziplining again but this time it was across a beach!! It was so much fun!

We went to a town called St. Ives. There we walked along the street and did a little bit of shopping. There are cute, quaint stores in St. Ives. We stopped for tea and hot chocolate at a cafe called Madeline's. 

Overall we had a great trip! I would love to do it again! 
Larissa Xx


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