26 March 2013

Easter Outfit Ideas

Hey! Easter is this upcoming weekend and I want to share some outfits that you could possibly wear to family gatherings or on Easter egg hunts! This is the time to dress in bold or pastel colours and have fun with your outfits!
         Dress #1                                            Dress #2                                            Dress #3                                Dress #4

Here are Lilly Pulitzer dresses! She has an assortment of different dresses in different prints and colours! If you want the classic look, opt for a simple white or pastel dress. If you want to have some fun go for a dress with bold prints of colours!                    Cardigan #1                                                   Cardigan #2                                                       Cardigan #3
If it's too cold to just wear a dress, throw a cardigan over it to make it weather appropriate! The cardigan will keep you warm while looking fashionable! You can wear a cardigan in a simple colour or patterned cardigan depending on if the rest of your outfit is busy or not! 
         Pants #1                                         Pants #2                                     Pants #3                                      Pants #4
Not a dress person? That's okay! There are many types of pants that you can wear in different colours and prints like the dresses!                            Shoes #1                                                                  Shoes #2                                                                          Shoes #3We can't forget about shoes! You can wear heels or flats depending on how formals the Easter event is! Go fo the neutral or pastel colours to make it holiday appropriate!You can mix and match the cardigans and shoes with the dresses and pants to create a cute easter look!Happy easter egg hunting! Larissa xx


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