22 March 2013

Spring Clean your closet!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was the first ay of Spring! Is your closet completely full from your winter clothing? It's time to say goodbye to your coats, sweaters and winter boots! This is the time where you should look at your closet and see what you want to keep or get rid of.
If you have any stained clothing then you can try to fix it by taking it to the dry cleaners! Any pieces of clothing that has holes in them should go! If you have any pieces of clothing that is too big try to get them tailored and they will be as good as new! You should really take your time in considering what to keep. An important question to ask yourself is, Have I worn this in the past year? If you haven't worn this clothing item in over a year it should go in the donation pile or to a friend.You can find a local salvation army to donate your clothing to!  Even though it may be hard to separate yourself from your clothes you have to do it! It may take a while so you can have some of your friends over and make a day or night of it! Whatever clothes you may not want you can give it to your friends and they can do the same when they clean out their closets! Just like the cast of Girls at a DIY sale!
Store your Fall/Winter clothing that you still want in boxes or bags and put them in your attic, basement or another closet. This will create space in your closet so it won't be so overwhelming. Spring is the time where you want to do some shopping to liven up your closet with bright and light pieces! A really good tip is that every time you add a piece of clothing to your closet you should take one out. This will help you keep your closet organized and not full! Another tip is to reinvent your clothing! If you have some basic pieces that you plan on getting rid of think about what DIY you can do before throwing it out! 

You can organize your closet in different ways. Shelves and racks can help you stay organized. Consider putting different types of clothes on different shelves and colour coordinating your clothing! Make sure to fold your clothing and don't just put them in a pile. By folding they will stay organized and it will make you happy to look into your closet!  This will also help you pull an outfit together quickly!
I hope these tips help!
Happy Spring cleaning!
Larissa xx


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