17 April 2013

Airport Fashion

Hey everyone!

Deciding what to wear to the airport can be difficult, but with these tips it won't be as hard! Airport security makes you take off your jackets, belts, jewellery and sometimes shoes! Taking all of these items off can stressful. The first tip is to wear something comfortable! 
Leggings or a good pair of comfy jeans are a great option because they can keep you warm on an airplane! They are also great basic pieces that you can re-wear throughout your vacation. Another great option are maxi dresses or maxi skirts in the warmer weather!
Layers, layers, layers! this is really important when deciding what to wear. Layering can makes sure you're warm when it's cold in the airport and allow you to take off your cardigan, sweater or any other layer piece off when it is warm. You can do this by pairing basic tanks, tees and cardigans together. Scarves are also great to wear!
As far as shoes, I suggest you wear something comfortable!  Some of you may want to look fashionable with high heels, but your feet may suffer! You can look just as fashionable with a cute pair of flats or sandals! But if you want to be brave and wear heels, go for it!
I suggest that you keep your jewellery at minimum.  It is not necessary to wear stacks of bracelets and layers of necklaces. If you like wearing jewellery then you can wear simple pieces or a few statement pieces as well, such as a watch or oversized necklace. Wearing a minimum amount of jewellery will make the process of going through security less if a hassel!
Dressing comfortable does not by any means that you should dress in sweatpants or pj's! Aim for comfortable chic!

Happy travelling! Larissa xx


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