18 April 2013

Summer Swimwear

Hey everyone,

Since we're almost into May, it will soon be June (summer)! I thought it was a good time to discuss swimsuits! Different types of swimsuits are appropriate for different body types. 
Swimsuit 1    Swimsuit 2
Triangle swimsuits are good for those with an hourglass figure or with a smaller bust. Bold patterns and colours will draw attention to your chest rather than other parts of your body. They can also act as support. Triangle tops with fringe or ruffles are also a great way to draw attention to the chest.

Swimsuit 1    Swimsuit 2
High waisted bikini bottoms are good for those who are pear shaped. The high cut of the swim bottoms takes the attention away from the thighs, therefore bringing more attention to the top of your body and to your hips. They can also hide a tummy!

Swimsuit 1    Swimsuit 2
Halter swimsuits are good for those who have the inverted triangle shaped figure. A larger chest with smaller hips. The halter top is able to create support while looking great! They can also be worn to create an image of a larger chest.

Swimsuit 1   Swimsuit 2
Bandeau swim tops are good for those with a small or medium sized chests. They do not have enough support for those with a larger chest. Those who have smaller chest and choose to wear bandeau tops should pick some with ruffles again like the triangle tops to create the image of a larger chest.

Swimsuit 1    Swimsuit 2
One piece bathing suits are great for those any body type! People may think that one piece bathing suits are unflattering but they are the total opposite! They are able to create the ideal figure for those having a rectangular body shape because it can cinch in the waist. Or those with a curvier body. They are able to enhance the right curves and hold in the parts that you don't want others to see. Monokinis are also a great option. These are the type of bathing suits that you can have fun with! They take a bold person to wear them!

Have fun with the swimsuits! Try different types of swimsuits to see what is most flattering for your own body. The only person that you should impress is yourself!

Larissa xx


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