30 April 2013

Getting rid of those clothes


As May is just around the corner we are busy emptying out closets of the winter wear and making space for some colours and lighter layers. If you are anything like me each time after this process I am left with a bag of clothes that no longer fit or are ready to find a new home. 

The worst part about this is that I am left with a half empty closet and bag of clothes I no longer wear. Now what are the best options to do with these clothes? SELL THEM!
There are some great online sites where all you need to do is sign up, take a picture, post it and watch your item sell. 

Bib and Tuck
This is a great site to swap clothing, instead of selling for cash you get to trade clothing with other users.
The Pinterest of selling! This easy layout makes it easy to create a profile and instantly begin selling your clothing and accessories for cash. 
Personalize the shopping experience based on the nearest city allows you to charge lower shipping rates for your items. Ideal for smaller items and just as easy to set up.
As simple as it sounds, post a picture, earn the cash with all transactions through PayPal.

If you are going to sell your items on these sites there are some things to keep in mind...

But don't forget that donating to a local charity or shop is always helpful or arranging a clothing swap are both great ways to get rid of your out grown clothing.happy selling!ilonaxxx


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